Certified guidance

Certified guidance

City Gym a certified lifestyle and health centre which is optimally adapted to guide people with type 2 diabetes, obesity and brain injuries inflicted on a later age. We offer a range of individualized trainings


People, who stroke, must be guided in a safe and professional way when they exercise. To assure their safety, a special exercise program has been designed in collaboration with health and rehabilitation centers; Brain Foundation Netherlands (Hersenstichting Nederland), Edwin van der Sar Foundation and Fitvak prevention centre. The program consists of a scientifically proven exercise regime that has been developed to enhance motor skills, balance and coordination and improve strength and flexibility in muscles and joints.


DM2 also known as diabetes mellitus type 2, demands a specific approach to normalize the blood glucose levels between 4 and 8 mol/l. The program puts extra focus on enhancing your endurance and muscle strength and reduce your waste fat and body weight. TNO Netherlands has developed a scientifically proven exercise regime that is used as the basis for people with pre-diabetes and DM2. The program focuses on safe and responsible fitness. Two times a week you will participate in fitness and strength training sessions recommended by NNGB standard.


Obesity officially has been recognized as a chronicle disease by the Dutch Board of Health. Obesity is classified on 4 types indicated by BMI between 25 and 35 (the highest is 4) and mild medical or psychological barriers. Prevention centre City Gym can assist people who fit to the profiles 1 to 3. The exercise regime consists of cardio and condition training according to the NNGB standard; 30 minutes of intensive force training to develop your muscles and stimulate your metabolism.


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