50+ Fitness

Over the years you will notice that your strength, agility, endurance, coordination and speed decline. John is a fitness trainer, who reached the age of 50+ too. He noticed decline of physical form in his own environment, especially among people who don’t train. This has inspired him to develop special training regime for people with the ages of 50, 60 and 70+ in which, the balance between endurance and strength is underlined. Amongst others the training focuses on reinforcing of your bone structure, which is important to prevent osteoporoses and eventually arthritis. Many insurance companies reimburse the training for people over 65 years old. One of these insurance is the Health Impact Bond.

John Schilders is extremely curious in how the human body functions and how it reacts once surrendered to fitness exercise regime. His 30 years of experience, gave him the deep knowledge and understanding of human physique he has today. He took part in a project of the City Council of Maastricht called “doing sport and getting older”, that provided him with extra stimulation and passion. What lead him to develop theories and methods designed especially for the elders. His goal is to make us all feel better, more energetic and vital no matter what age. Thanks to our small scale and cozy feeling, you will feel yourself at home at City Gym.

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